Non Profits

Visual Media Marketing takes the burden of telling a compelling and effective story off of a nonprofit’s shoulders, so the organization has more time to focus on what it does best, serving the greater good.

High quality photography and multimedia content are often the last items to receive financial support in a charitable organization’s budget. But how can an organization grow and thrive without telling its story effectively?

This is where Visual Media Marketing can help. Visual Media Marketing has a long history of working along side of individuals, foundations, and corporate donors to access funding for nonprofit.  We strive to tell a compelling story through short social media campaigns, photography for advertising, and video for PSA’s.

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Orange County Land Trust Events
Orange County Land Trust/Conservation  
The Chester Ag Center / Sun Sprout Farm 
 Open Space Institute / Goose Mountain  
 Black Rock Forest  
The Warwick Historical Society’s Baptist Church / Roof Inspection